A Beach Boutique Dog’s Life – The Hidden Shop Dog Secret

Adventures of Mocha & Maisy


Hi Friends!  If you did not already know about the tiny little secret hidden just below the shop counter, well, meet Mocha and Maisy, our sweet little Dachshund pups! 

Mocha would be the first to tell you if she could, that she absolutely LOVES to visit with you when you stop in the boutique!  As the older sister of the two, she makes it her mission to be on guard of who needs more puppy kisses.  She has a short hair coat, and because of this, she's often wearing a sweater because of the cooler temperatures in the Monterey Bay area.

Maisy on the other hand, our little long haired pup, is always on the look out for toys, or fun sticks to carry while on walks.  She is very playful and a bit more shy, but she is certainly not going to let her sister get the most attention.  She's right in the middle of any conversation visitors offer her with lots of tail wagging and happy ears.

The pups are often sleeping during the day, so many people don't even realize they come with me to the shop everyday!  However, they are the reason for many of the cute dog items in store, because well, pups deserve a cute new look now and then too!


When we aren't at the shop, you'll probably find us somewhere on a hike in the outdoors.  Of course you know, getting pictures of us is quite the challenge, because there is SO much to see and explore.  There really is no time for sitting still much, well, except for a quick view of the waves!  The pups absolutely LOVE exploring the beach and greeting anyone that comes along!  They will be so excited to see you next time you stop by for a visit!

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