Her Story

Not all of us like to read, but each of us have a story, a page in this book we call life.  My girls will tell you I am not a lady who lacks details..  My personality, seems compelled to give you exactly that.  I mean, how can you see the full picture without visualizing each color in the framework?.. I tell them.  This page is dedicated to the love and framework that has designed my life.  Introspect is exactly that, and I've done a little over the years.  If you are one who enjoys reading more into a person, you will find stories on this page that may make you laugh or tear, smile or relate to the existence of simply being real.  It is dedicated to my father and brother who deserve recognition for my entrepreneurial drive, focus, and passion as well as zest for life in general.  If you choose to read, I hope your catch of my life stories stirs your heart to smile and drives your focus to write the pages of your own life with passion.

Life Should Feel THIS Great, Shouldn't It?

Dear Mother

This Is Our Spot

Her First Story:  The Black and White of it, Checked

A Story of Hope  (kindly published by GoHorseShow)

Strategies of Homeschooling - Tips Learned while Educating Our Girls