Dear Mother

For me, being a mother of my two girls is one of life's greatest blessings.  I can not imagine what life would be like without the inspiration of my own mother.  There really are not enough words for how precious I value her.  I find her beautifully strong, loyally devoted, amazingly kind, the best friend you could ever have, and a smile in life that ignites every room she enters, even if fashionably late.  I love you, Mom.  Thank you for always inspiring me to be creative, kind, and the best that I can be.

Love, M <3


To the mother who is chasing a little one,

You are fit

To the mother who spends long hours at work

You are capable

To the mother who stays up late to finish that project for your little one,

You are selfless

To the mother who drives the tractor, hauls hay, or would pick a 4x4 over a sedan any day,

You are proficient

To the mother who volunteers in school, on the team, or for the club,

You are giving

To the mother who takes her little one to church,

You are devoted

To the mother who strives to live and love like Jesus,

You are eternal

To the mother who rises early to prepare breakfast or plan the day,

You are tireless

To the mother who gets the game,

You are spirited

To the mother who spends her afternoons watching her children play,

You are friendship

To the mother who keeps a clean house in the midst of a storm,

You are sunlight

To the mother who is parenting alone,

You are powerful

To the mother who helps her neighbors and teaches her little ones the same,

You are kind

To the mother who bakes,

You are heavenly

To the mother who loves animals with her children, instilling the value of every kind,

You are compassionate

To the mother who starches the jeans or presses the hem,

You are resilient

To the mother who teaches her children the value of chores,

You are discerning

To the mother raising a garden along with her children,

You are flourishing

To the mother who stands by her man,

You are leading

To the mother who surrounds her children with grandparents and cousins,

You are undivided

To the mother who dresses to the nines,

You are radiant

To the mother who visits every store in person or online to find that special gift that says “I love you,”

You are enough

To the mother who is indescribable, who just plain rocks, who stands above the rest,

You are.


As often as possible, make her soul smile.  She deserves every moment of the joy it brings her.


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