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There’s no better way to do life in my opinion, than to be real, be yourself, and express your light, that joy and love of life you find in your work and in daily life.  I am excited to share with you the release of my new podcast where each week I will be coming to you with simple tips, stories, and a little humor and light of life.  I will be sharing reasons that I have found of how being real with myself, and with you, and sharing light with those around me has become my passion. I believe there is a humor, and a fire to life, and when we begin to step into the light of who we really are, we begin to see more clearly, understand the bigger picture, realize our goals.

Tune in each Thursday for new episodes available on many platforms:  APPLE, SPOTIFY, GOOGLE, AMAZON, STITCHER, PANDORA

You’ll hear me interview friends, fellow business owners, moms, and some who I may have just met, but who know they have a story to tell, a business venture to start, or a passion and light of their own to share with you.  We will be discussing all things related to business, women empowerment, and all things joy related.  We'll share the behind scene story of how each person began their business venture, what it has taken to become successful, and how to stay in tune with future goals.  We'll be covering all things hobby/craft start up to large corporate positions, but with the individual focus, because essentially, success of each business really does narrow down to the drive and passion of the individual to contribute and succeed.  I'm so excited for you to hear of the wonderful tips from each.  I hope you hear the passion in their voice as they share their success stories with you.  I also hope you hear a new friend lifting you up each week to believe in yourself and your own personal goals.
Friend, I hope as you listen each week, that you feel inspired, well ignited to spread joy, be real with yourself, believe in yourself, and start that venture you have a heart for. Thank you for listening, to the beginning of what I believe is a small glimmer of light, an opening in the door of my heart and others, sharing joy and inspiration. I can’t wait for you to hear each episode of light.

Until then, I have a perfectly lighthearted day! ✨


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