Life should feel THIS great, shouldn’t it?

You agree with me, right?  Life should feel THIS great, shouldn’t it?  Recently, I discovered a life hack that I just have to share.  Yes, it has made that much of an impact!  I know, you may be young and already starting to think this is just another one of those promo things where someone tells you their magical solve, or already set in your ways and do not want any input.  I hear you, but I must say I had the very same reservations when I stumbled across this info.  But, I took the time to check it out anyway, and well for my family, it pretty much has been a radical solve.  So read on or scroll along, your choice, but here is what I have discovered if you care to know.  And I promise you.  You will.  

If you give yourself just two weeks to see the changes that this info can result by your food choices, I bet you will find yourself feeling much differently.  Maybe not.  But isn’t it worth a try?

Ok, so you are wondering… what is she talking about?  Just get to the point!  So here goes.  

To give a bit of history,  Yes, I’m reaching that age where one begins to feel like an adult.  I am not saying I admit to aging,  just the feels.  You know, you wake up and wonder why those needles are stabbing your feet when you stand up, or like my husband started questioning, why he has felt more fatigue or why the gym was not budging the scale for him.  He also has struggled with migraines as well as food discomforts for years that doctors have not been able to help him solve.  I have a daughter who began to notice similar stomach discomforts from certain foods as she has grown.  We could never figure this out, because it seemed impossible to dial it down to one specific ingredient.

However.  I discovered this information through research, and we as a family have dramatically changed how we eat.  The results for us have been amazing so far.  No extra exercise.  No special gimmicks.  Just healthy choices.  Within one month, my husband dropped 20 lbs (!), has hardly had any migraines (which for him were typically almost daily), both he and my daughter have noticed less stomach discomforts from food choices, we have had much more energy throughout the day, and the best part:  I hardly notice any joint discomforts!  For a horse gal, that means yes I can grab that bale or lift the saddle and you will not notice me wince, oh yeah.  Considering I’m pretty independent and prefer to handle my own work outs, I find this spectacular.  I have also noticed softer, healthier skin and have solved a skin mystery that I have had for years.  As an equestrian and just for life in general, I love feeling healthy and am always looking to improve my performance.

So if you struggle with inflammation, or fatigue, or feel joint sore, or have digestion discomforts, or have been trying to lose weight for years and just never seem to budge the scale… watch this video, research the info like I did, talk with your doctor, and investigate the effects it very well may provide for you.  I think you will be surprised.

Never have we dieted.  Yes we eat ice cream.  No we do not manage portions.  We eat as much as we want.  We never skip chocolate!  We drink coffee and we do not exercise for weight management.  

We enjoy all those wonderful things like outdoor activities as much as there is daylight for, tasty foods, good company, and we live without regrets.

So what have we changed?  We simply avoid eating things with Corn, Wheat, or Soy as ingredients, as well as a few other suggested food alternatives as you will discover if you research Dr. Gundry’s book, “The Plant Paradox,”  and by investigating what this simple video explanation can do for your own health.  I found his book available on for easy listening.  You may prefer reading a hard copy of his book for easy access to many of his great recipes.  His research may not be for you, but for our family it has been beneficial.  No, we do not take his suggested plan to exact extreme.  But we do try our best to follow his food avoidance suggestions, and stick with better whole foods.  

I know.  Sounds almost impossible to think of avoiding those ingredients, but really it is not.  It might take a little discipline to establish a new grocery list or menu plan, but again, as an equestrian, I am not intimidated by a work ethic.  I find it invigorating to be challenged to improve myself.  How about you?

Ok, now that I have shared the benefits we have noticed, here is a link for you to check out the information yourself and see what you think.  Call me crazy (we all know this already, so that is beside the point), or join me!

Watch Video

Dr. Gundry also offers many vitamin supplements that I must say have been great additions to our daily routine.  We especially love the “Vital Reds  he offers.  

View Supplements

Again, I strongly suggest before any changes are made to your own routine, that you talk those changes through with your regular physician.  It is always best to get advice from your doctor first, especially if you are taking any medications etc.  But I must say, I am anxious to hear about your results!  Ours, have been amazing.

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*As a footnote:  I am not a health  professional and can not offer advice for your own personal health improvement, nor am I suggesting you make any personal changes to your health without first doing your own research and discussing a plan with your doctor.  This article is simply a review of the impact this lifestyle has provided for our family.  For further answers as to your own personal benefits, there is plenty of informational help and advice through Dr. Gundry’s own social outlets, or as suggested, consult your own professional health advisor with any specific questions you may have.  Take charge of your own choices.

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