Believe it or not, Ravens are very smart creatures.  Did you know they can imitate human speech much like a parrot?  They also hide food from their fellow birds which I think is hysterical.  They are said to be quite the pranksters, and are very playful, empathetic and adaptable little birds.  You'll find a few more fascinating facts about them here, if you are interested.

 This gorgeous Raven horsemanship top owned by AQHA Amateur competitor Dianne Schaffer is sure to catch the eye with its smooth, sleek appearance.  Black lace combined with a variety of evening stones and rose gold crystals, is super pretty against the black base stretch.


  1. Hi !
    I really like the Raven Horsemanship Top.
    I am wanting to try it on and see how it fits me. Where are you located and do you ever come through Kansas City?
    Do you have a try on policy?
    I am also interested in having you make me a custom showmanship jacket. I will send a picture of my current jacket that I LOVE that is made by Silver Lining. I just want something a little longer but in that same colors and design.

  2. Hi Dianne!

    I am located in Tulsa, OK. I will actually be traveling north through the Topeka, KS area this weekend Nov 24/25 to meet up with a few ladies for measurements at their barn. Are you available to meet up on Saturday? I would certainly be happy to meet up with you in the Kansas City area on Saturday afternoon on my return trip if that works for you? Look forward to meeting you and planning your designs! Call/text 918-407-1978 if you’d like to schedule a time, thank you!


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