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As I sit here on my drive home from our family gathering for Thanksgiving, I am reflecting on this year and all the crazy, unexpected, wonderful new adventures that have transpired for us over the past several months. It has been such a busy year full of changes, that I am grateful for this moment to stop, reflect and share.  I love how we are able to spend a full day celebrating all our opportunites of gratitude.  I think the moment we lose gratitude is the moment we find ourselves lost in our circumstance, in relations, in life.
I would like to first off express gratitude for my husband, who is currently scroling through the eignty’s tunes and highlighting his favorites as he drives.  I am pretty sure he knows every song from our era.  For 27 years, he has been the rock for our roll, despite my efforts to clang.  Maybe we get a little loud or off key at times, but it is our song and the beat continues.  For this I am grateful.
One never knows the opportunities that lie just up the road, but we do get to choose our adventures, and what we listen to along the way.  I believe that in keeping our eyes forward and keeping a positive tune provides those moments which allow us to shift to new levels or places we have not been before.  We'll miss those moments if we are looking down or holding back from taking action.  Last year at this time, I would have never imagined that we would be relocating from Oklahoma where we raised our kids, back to our home state of California.  I’m proud of my husband for never giving up on his career goals.  Seeing him reach new levels in his company is rewarding.  We are equally grateful to be much closer to extended family, and to spend our Thanksgiving with them.
We have enjoyed getting settled into our new home town, and love all the new people we continue to meet.  It is a very inviting, cordial community, and we are grateful to be involved.   We now have a storefront location on Cannery Row in Monterey, Ca, and I am excited to be offering quality casual lines for women as well as my own pieces in our new boutique.  
Our youngest daughter, a talented artist, will be offering her custom artistry in our shop as well. Visit Kimberlee Rose Artistry, Inc. to view other samples of her artwork.  She and I are currently working on adding new arrivals to the store, and updating our website and social pages with new items.  Stay tuned as we continue to add many cozy, unique, quality styles!
Another wonderful opportunity which I am humbly grateful to share with you is that I will be presenting a few of my own styles at the LA Fashion and Music Conference in March, 2020.  This is a fashion show for newer designers and musicians who by approval, have the opportunity to present.  I look forward to sharing details about this charity funding event with you as the date comes closer. 
Further details may be found here:
To wrap up this post, I am a constant learner. I believe strongly in surrounding yourself with positive, goal seekers who are not afraid to challenge you to improve.  I enjoy the company of people who drive me forward to reach new goals.  There are a few ladies of which I am blessed to know, and I am immensely grateful for their friendship in this aspect.  Their friendship has held me strong and carried me through at times, even though they may not have realized it.  I look up to them and value their positivity and continual encouragement, spoken or unspoken.  Friendship is such a blessed gift in life.  I thank these ladies for their testament of living fearlessly, pursuing goals, and never giving up.  
So in speaking of no fear, it is an honor for me to share that I have officially “jumped into the tank,”  Shark Tank, that is.  I  have recently been initiated as a "Powershift" brand ambassador for "The People’s Shark" and fashion guru, Daymond John from ABC’s reality show, Shark Tank.  Daymond's story of beginning with virtually no experience but rather pure determination to learn as well as having a lot of ambition, is one of which I truly admire and relate.  I have read two of his former books, “ The Power of Broke,” and “Rise and Grind.” I can tell you he is incredibly personable and speaks so much value to anyone choosing to get ahead in their career or personal life. I am grateful for the amazing opportunity I have to be a part of a limited group of incredible entrepreneurs who are excited to share with you our own personal stories of shifting to new levels, overcoming challenges, or facing changes.  Daymond continually inspires us to use our opportunites to see the good that can come of them and to give back to those around us.  I believe strongly in surrounding yourself with positive, goal seekers who are not afraid to challenge you to improve, and I can assure you in being a part of Daymond’s "Powershift" team, I am amongst fellow entrepreneurs who are incredible mentors.  I have already made some amazing career and friendship connections and look forward to sharing with you inspiring stories and insight through this opportunity. 
In his new book “Powershift,” which will release in March, 2020, Daymond shares lessons that got him to where he is today, through never-before-told stories from his life and career:  from how he remade his public image as he transitioned from clothing mogul to television personality; to how he mastered the negotiation strategies that determine whether deals are won or lost "in the tank," to his secrets for building long-lasting—and profitable—relationships with founders and brands. 
Whether you're an innovator working to turn your big idea into a reality, a seasoned professional looking to land a major promotion, or a busy parent trying to find more time to focus on wellness, Daymond shows you how to shift your power and energy in the right direction.
You can preorder his new book, “Powershift,” now and if you are one who loves personal insight in a down-to-earth, real-life written style, I guarantee you will love listening to Daymond’s personal story of success and encouragement.  You can preorder his new book on Audible, as well as Amazon, Barns & Nobles and other popular sites.  He will not waste your time or listening ear, any more than he would allow anyone to waste his, this I guarantee.
In the coming months ahead, I look forward to providing you with not only new and quality outfits, but also friendship, encouragement, and positive highlights of personal endeavors from our new hometown and the incredible opportunities on the journey ahead. I thank God for each new opportunity and for the valuable friendship He provides.
Have a blessed day, my friend!
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