Super Tasty Chocolate Shake ~ It’s my Go To

Are you a healthy eater or more of a healthy eater want-to-be?  I might very well fall into the second category, but I sure strive daily for the first!  No matter which, however, I will never be without my chocolate!  If you are like me and enjoy a quick meal on the run quite often, AND you love chocolate, AND you love eating healthy, then you will LOVE the PROPLANT Complete Shake by Gundry MD.

I personally love the thick, rich flavor which is very filling and keeps my stomach content for several hours, enabling me to stay focused working, hunger free!  You can easily mix a scoop in with liquid, either water or almond milk etc.

I like to add mix-ins to mine, like a green banana or a touch of local honey or yogurt.   The BEST part about this shake mix is that it is PLANT based and made with high quality ingredients!  Have you ever heard of Gundry MD?  You can research more about Dr. Gundry and his personal story behind Gundry MD under his about page on his website.

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If you’d like to try this delicous shake for yourself, I don’t blame you!  You will find a link for purchase here: PROPLANT CHOCOLATE SHAKE  Enjoy!

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