The Makings of an Entrepreneur – a Journey of a Career

What is it about growing up small, amidst cousins and siblings and all?  So much goes in to our make up before we really even know ourselves.  We are so impressionable at our young age, even old.  We soak in, we strive, we thrive, and yet, we hardly think of why during this process.  We just know for some instinctual reason, we must.    All we really ever know in life is the day, the experience, the feel of the very moment we are in, the present.  The odd thing about it is that we have the ability to remember, to think back to the past.  As well, to plan, we think forward to the future.  It’s as if we were given a way of escape from the present, and that somehow, this escape heals us in the moment.  We may think back to a better time, a happy moment, and wish to revert.  We smile in memory of the good time felt, the warmth.  We strategize a better tomorrow, and hope its achievement.  But somehow, we are always centered right smack in the present, and each day is a moment of its own to experience.  Each day builds on the other, and depending on what has been built, our next experience is heightened in one shape or another.  We’ll either continue to mold to our future hope with fierce determination, or we find ourselves stagnate in the past, wanting somehow to turn back the pages of our lives, to live again.  And yet, would we?  If we were actually in that very moment, would it feel the same?

It’s always interesting to sift through old photos.  We see ourselves differently.  We see a bigger picture.  Are we looking for clues? answers to questions? reflections of emotions felt in the moment, as if somehow to draw them to the surface?  Maybe for you, some photos seem as if to draw the lid from a boiling pot.  Suddenly a steam of emotions rise in the air, and quickly you return the lid.  Others may seem more like a puzzle to you.  That long awaited piece has finally been discovered, only, how does it fit?  What an odd shape that somehow, now that you know of it, seems held in your hand with, well, only questions of what do you do with it?  For, there is no putting it down, no un-discovering this piece  you have found.  And now, now you are spiraling into overthinking, if only you had not lived THIS moment of reflection.  Now how do you move forward?  Somehow it’s changed you in a way you did not perceive, nor expect.  So what do you do with that?
When I think  back, I feel so big, so welcomed, so comforted and secure.  I was blessed to have a wonderful childhood, full of warm memories, wonderful family, and a wonderment of childhood experiences.  There was everything kind and nurturing in our home, everything curious, built with love and laughter.   When I look back, I find myself a young girl in the making.  Who is she?  What was she thinking in that moment?  What’s driving her?  For all she knows is that moment.  She has no idea what is ahead.  No realization of the choices she will make, or the road in front of her.
It’s interesting to consider the perception of siblings as a child.  Older siblings, even though they have years of experience on us, advanced in their understanding of life at the moment, we still in that moment, seem to see them on our level, though they, may not view the same.  Naturally, a ten year old is not going to have the same interests at play as a five year old.  They have new experiences, new curiosities to explore.  This isn’t to say they do not on occasion enjoy a moment of reflective play with their younger sibling.  Each child negotiates a fit of interacting together, a role, an acceptance.  As the younger, I loved, absolutely adored my older brother, five years senior.  I never felt the younger.  I never noticed he were older.  Although, my siblings would tell you it was often said in our home, “Consider Marilee, she’s only five, she’s only six, take care of her…”.  However, their care or consideration of my inclusion in their play never felt forced to me.  I, was an equal player.
Something inside me as I grew, built a drive, a passion to succeed.  In fact, I was even voted “Most likely to succeed” by my high-school class.  I would also on occasion hear the word “Independent”.  In the moment, I did not quite perceive.  Yet now, in looking back, I know I’ve forged a path uncommon.  What felt so normal and made most sense to me at times, may not have been viewed the same by others.  But in the moment’s choosing, I felt a confident peace, yet I did not understand why it wasn’t shared.  The Bible speaks of “Iron sharpening iron.”  We shape each other, and sharpen just the same.  We may grow from the same mold, experience the closeness, but forge on we eventually will, sometimes together, sometimes alone, variant of the shaping.
My father was an entrepreneur.  I grew up watching him work.  I loved the daddy days of just being, observing, letting my curious mind discover this idea of business and what it meant to “work.”  Work didn’t feel like work.  Work was fun.  Work satisfied curiosity.  It was an endless day of explore.  Piano lessons, dishes, making my bed, now this was work.  but work?  No, work wasn’t work.  Work was fun.  I didn’t realize then in that moment, but I see it now.  I see the entrepreneurial mind that my father spoke of me at a young age.  He saw it then.  But I in the moment I did not even understand the word.  I just knew I was curious.  I also knew I was determined to do anything my siblings could do.  Maybe small I was, but that would not stop me.  I, was big.  I was five.  I was six.  I was 16.  I was grown.  I could do anything.
My entrepreneurial story to be continued.
“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  Philippians 4:13
~ m ❤️

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