These Friends of Mine

Fashion enhanced with crystals is simply gorgeous, much like life enhanced with the friendship of horse show family.

These friends of mine,

They're beautiful

They fashion my life so grand.

My show team is like family

Always there to give a hand

We laugh a lot,

Share smiles too

And keep each other strong.

Through training trials

Or learning curves,

Patterns mastered

Or straight lines swerved

Legs held back,

Number even,

Clean show tack

They’re still believing.

Sideline whistles as I enter the pen,

Cheering success.

Time and again. 

Days in the sun or rides at the barn

Would not be the same

Without their charm.

So I thought I'd share my point of view

I'm Grateful within

For each one of you,

And for all of the blessings that we share

For each of those good times

And for the crazy,

And every day spent in the saddle

In these moments declared

As the best of part of living,

For I am blessed to spend today,

This gift of time by God's grace given,

In my chaps and my hat

And a little bling

Rising early

to pursue

Chasing dreams

At a horse show

with you. 

<3 m

Your smile brings a whole new level of beauty to the pen, and life.  

For each of those friends who've made you smile, feel free to share. <3

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