This Is Our Spot

That place in the summer where only clear water and a tomboy were found with the boys, where fishing and wild life were the stories that warmed toes around the campfire, where no cars traveled only hearts on foot, and where a young girl grew free and blessed.   I will always remember the excursions of backpacking in the mountains of California with my father and brother, cleaning the fish we caught in the snow melt stream, and climbing boulders around the lake just to get a higher view of life in the moment.  For any who have wonderful memories of a special loved one.  Look back through those old photos from time to time and enjoy reflections of their perspective in those yester-years.  Laugh a little, be ok with a tear, but most of all, smile about good times, knowing memories linger.  They guide the heart.  They lay a foundation and build who you are.










Dear Dad,

I see you, it's me,

But this is our spot.

And you're not here, you're there,

And memories are all I've got.

As i look back now

And sift through photos of the past

I feel the warmth of love

You gave right up to your very last.

I smile at each photo

Knowing it was you,

Who saw the memory of the moment

And wanted me to view

The way you saw me then

The joy, the laughter, the gain

That life gives in a moment

When we choose to save the frame.

So every day I will treasure

Each memory you captured.

The joy we shared together,

Countless hours of love and laughter.

You taught me to be strong

To face each day of uncertainty

With grace for every moment

And a heart filled with mercy,

Love for every person

That crosses our path

And joy for every moment

We can capture to make it last.

So hold my brother tightly

And till I see you both someday

I'll be savoring each memory

And thanking God for family.

I'll be looking at each photo

And thinking as I do

Of the way you saw the moment,

The love that captured every view. 

I love you.

<3 m








2 thoughts on “This Is Our Spot”

  1. This is so beautiful! You are an Angel 😇 and a very talented woman on many levels I must say. Reading this brought tears to my eyes. I really enjoyed reading your poetry and seeing your family pictures. Thank you for sharing this deeply personal experience and some of your family history.

  2. Awe, thank you Diana for your sweet words! I sure am grateful for the the wonderful people that have come into my life, including you! ☺️. Have an amazing weekend!

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