When You Want to Give Up, Read This

I am convinced that life is one challenge, one failure, one mystery, one triumph, one victory, one joy, one hope, one moment lived at a time.  I'm certain you have experienced the same on your journey as well.  The problem is, we don't know what lies on the path ahead.  We aren't somehow given a reason things happen, good or bad, happy or sad.  We only know moments are fleeting.  We live them to the fullest, or we hold fast till they are over.  I was recently thumbing through my dad's Bible, not really sure why at the moment.  I was suppose to be getting ready for the day in that particular moment.  I felt the urge.  Maybe I needed a boost of encouragement, which my dad was always so very good at.  His messages written in the sidelines still to this day keep me thinking of good things, so much so, that I can't keep them to myself.  I know I'm not the only one who wakes up on occasion feeling like slumping over in the covers, feeling exhausted from trying, feeling, well I don't know, like you've hit a wall, or just feel empty in the moment and need a little hope to face that today's moments will be conquerable, happy, or maybe even for a chance, rewarding.  What is it in us that drives us to that wish anyway?  That life should always be comfortable, that we should somehow get a reward for our efforts, or even recognition?  I pondered as I came across his notes on the page... giving.  "What if you feel like you don't have anything left to give anymore?  What if you feel like you've given and given and no one has noticed?  What if you feel like all your efforts have just been adding to someone else's day but you're still standing there, feeling no real gain for the cost of your time, your means, your heart."   One thing is for sure, the worlds does not hinder from need.  Need that never expires, always requesting more of you, the feeling of take over and over again.  Taken, for granted, taken, without question, without thanks, taken for all that you are willing to give is like an endless vacuum.  So what fills you?  Love?  What inspires you to keep on giving?  Love?  I realized in contemplating, that if I focused on what is taken, I forget what is given.  The truth is, there really is an endless supply.  If we are focused on the moment, hoping for a give back, we're focused on the wrong supplier.  Love, Hope, Joy, your very deepest need can be met but it may not come back to you from the direction you've given.  Your source of strength  or peace is an endless river that flows, but do you ever stop to think about a river?  They flow one direction, swift and full.  To dip your toes in its course, risks that you could be swept.  It's clinging to the Rock that is your save.  Let love flow, and know as you give, that your source, your need, is found up stream.  Rest a moment if you need to, but keep climbing.  When you realize your Strength, you realize you have all you need to move on.  Move on from the pain, move on from the wanting, move on from the silence, move on from those who aren't on the same journey with you.  Let love flow.  Let the cool stream breeze remind you that you are enough, and you are gifted with Love inside.  He is beside.  Don't get stuck trying to push against a current that can not reverse.  Stop hoping for the wrong source to fill you.  Let the Love of your journey fill your soul.  He... is the One who loves you like no other.  Real Love IS demonstrated by giving, and He has given His all for you.  There is no other love like this.  He is all you need. <3


Given Their All

You're spent.

You've given everything you've got.

You're exhausted.

At least you think you are,

But deep down inside you,

You know.

You know there is this desire,

This urge

That won't quit.

Against all odds

It's your mantra.

You won't fall

You won't fail yourself.

You will rise.



You will get up again.

You will stand.

You will conquer.

Conquer your greatest fears.

Conquer the doubts

That maybe someone else has put in your head.


You will listen to that voice deep down.

You will let the light of your passion,

Your fire


You will light the path through dark times

You will lead the way.

Because you see the way out.

You believe.

You care.

And no matter what it takes

You will show those around you

They can believe too.

They can't block your light from shining.

Your light shines on them.

Their light will begin to flicker.

They'll follow, they'll join,

Or they'll grope in the dark

As you move on.

But you have a mission,

So today, you move on.

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